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Welcome to Sharp's Creek Forge

Sharp's Creek Forge is the home of a group of artisan blacksmiths living and working in Huron County. We work with iron and steel to create objects and structures that serve the needs of our clients. We enjoy showing the world the remarkable things that can be done with metal. In all that we do, we honour the traditions of blacksmithing and wrought iron, while doing our best to keep these traditions alive and contemporary.

Click here to see a short video tour of the property.

The Forge was founded in 1979 by me, Jim Wallace. Over the years it has been my pleasure to train, and learn from, a group of men and women who share my passion for metal.

This web site is intended to give potential clients, and students of this work, a quick look at the range of objects and structures we have created. We invite you to look around. For a more complete survey of my work, I would be pleased to send you a digital portfolio.

We welcome inquiries. We are eager to share our knowledge and skill.

Call or email to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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